Disposable gas cylinders for SHEV systems

We produce reliability

The Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation system, also called SHEV system, is one of the most important installations for preventive fire protection. A SHEV system is designed to direct, in the event of fire, the smoke as fast as possible by the roof out of the building. This is where LBM Techno Gas comes in with their manufacture of seal-welded disposable gas cylinders for CO2. With the help of specifically designed LBM gas cylinders, pneumatically operated SHEV systems open in the event of a fire for smoke ventilation and make it possible for people to leave burning buildings and rescue persons.


Quality and safety

We develop and design seal-welded disposable gas cylinders (1/2″-20UNF-1A thread) up to a capacity of 2000ml providing lifetime operability. This ensures the necessary safety and full operability in the event of a fire.
All cylinders are also available with ascending pipe, and they are suitable for suspended installation.

Disposable gas cylinders for the use in life saving technology

Always keep your safety in mind

Each and every day lives are being rescued. We provide an active contribution.

Our disposable pressurized gas cylinders are used in life vests, life rafts, avalanche rescue devices and buoyancy aids.

Safety-related applications within the NATO, the NASA and the Deutsche Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) are equipped with our disposable gas cylinders that LBM Techno Gas has developed specifically for this purpose. The perfect and reliable operation of these specific gas cylinders under extreme conditions is mandatory.


The role of disposable gas cylinders in life saving technology

Our high-quality standard and the maximum reliability ensure the required safety in the event of an emergency.
In the case of emergency, the life vest / life raft will inflate due to the expansion of the gas once they have been punctured, ensuring a maximum buoyancy force of the float. The life vests / life rafts equipped with our gas cylinders can be activated by hand or automatically.


When will also you trust in LBM?

For decades, known manufacturers of life vests and life rafts have relied on disposable gas cylinders from LBM. You too can profit from reliable technology and life-saving innovations.

Disposable gas cylinders for fire protection

Prevention helps rescue lives

Fire protection is a topic that steadily grows louder and gets more and more important. In this context, it is even more important that manufacturers of fire protection equipment can rely on reliable and high-quality components.


Special LBM disposable gas cylinders for fire extinguishers

LBM has specifically designed disposable pressurized gas cylinders for the fire extinguisher market. They are available either with or without thread. A characteristic feature of our fire protection gas cylinders is the very small outer diameter.


We develop our pressurized gas cylinders in accordance with customer-specific requirements and ensure a secure operability in the case of emergency. Should you have any questions on disposable gas cylinders for SHEV systems, life saving technology or fire extinguishers, or if you need any kind of support, please feel free to give us a call on +49 (0) 2173 20475 -0 or email us at